Wednesday 19th May is the UK's Earth Overshoot Day.

 This is the day that if all of humanity consumed like the people in the UK, demand for ecological resources and services surpasses what Earth can regenerate in that year.


Not all countries have an overshoot date, yet in 2020, we exceeded planetary limits in late August. We need to #MoveTheDate.

To mark this day, Students for Climate Action have planned two things: 

1. We have created an online quiz which explores reuse, not just of building elements but how other waste streams become building elements! Reducing the material things we consume is a big way to #MoveTheDate.
2. All week [if its not raining!] we will be outside the Arts Tower asking you about your studio projects and sustainability: what did you do well, and what do wish you wish you could have done? See you there!


Climate Forum 

Date: TBC