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Thank you to the 175 students from the Sheffield School of Architecture who took the time to fill in the survey!

080221_FINAL REVISION_2020_SfCA_Survey R

Click the image to read our survey results in full. 

080221_FINAL REVISION_2020_SfCA_Survey R

Dear Reader,

The following document is a summary of a student survey conducted in semester two of the 2019/2020 academic year at the Sheffield School of Architecture (SSoA). The survey was undertaken to gain an understanding of current student knowledge and opinions about sustainability in architectural education.


This document has been put together by Students for Climate Action (SfCA) to empower the staff and students at SSoA to strive for positive change in sustainability within the curriculum. The survey results demonstrate there is a gap in the current education system. We hope the following evidence will empower SSoA to lobby for change in their architectural curriculum with the ARB and RIBA. The issues highlighted through the survey are not isolated to SSoA and are seen across many architectural departments at universities. For instance, this is seen in a survey conducted by Scott McAulay’s at the University of Strathclyde and Glasgow School of Art Architecture Department which can be found here.


The ARB and RIBA must recognise that the current criteria to qualify as an architect is woefully inadequate regarding sustainability. As customers of the education system with huge student debts we find the current education system is no longer fit for purpose. The ARB and RIBA must work with universities to implement change at speed to equip architects with the skills to adapt the built environment for the climate emergency - the biggest issue which we will face in our future careers.


We demand all Architecture Schools including SSoA to declare a climate emergency, issue a manifesto and to enact on this by implementing change within their teaching. We urge SSoA to undertake this survey again at the end of subsequent academic years to monitor how these changes are impacting students knowledge. We would also like to take the opportunity to encourage students at other schools to set up their own student climate action groups and campaign for change. We advise students at other schools to conduct similar surveys to display to the curators of our architectural education that action is required now.

From SSoA Students for Climate Action 



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Didn't get a chance to fill in the survey, or you weren't at SSoA last academic year? Sign here to show your support for a greater emphasis on sustainability in our architectural education. 


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Let us know what you think of our finding here and whether you would like to speak to us in our upcoming podcast where we will be discussing the survey in more detail. 


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Undertake your own survey!

 We advise students at other schools to conduct similar surveys to display to the curators of our architectural education that action is required now.


If fellow students need any advice about how to undertake your own sustainability survey please take a look at StuCAN 'Starter Pack', click here for more information.

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