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The Environmental Design Pocketbook by Sofie Pelsmakers

720.47 (P) (Available Online)

101 Rules of Thumb for Low Energy Architecture by Huw Heywood

AR  720.472 (H) (Available Online)

Donut Economics by Kate Raworth

330 (R)

The Design of Everyday Things by Donald A Norman

620.82 (N)


Eco - Homes by Jenny Pickerill

(Available Online)

Low Impact Living by Pail Chatterton

(Available Online)


RIBA Plan of Work 2013 Guide Sustainability by Sandy Halliday

720.47 (H)

RIBA Sustainability Outcomes 2019

Eco-minimalism the Antidote to Eco-bling by Howard Liddell

720.47 (L)

The Re-use Atlas by Duncan Baker - Brown 

(Available Online)


How Buildings Learn by Stewart Brand

AR 720.1 (B)


Sustainable by Design by Stuart Walker

AR 745.2 (W)


Emotionally Durable Design by Jonathan Chapman

AR 658.5752 (C)

Targeting Zero by Simon Sturgis

720.47 (S)

The Ecology of Building Materials by Berge 

(Available Online)


Positive Development by Janis Birkeland  

333.7315 (B)


The Whole Building Handbook by Varis Bokalders and Maria Block 

(Available Online)


The Environmental Brief by Richard Hyde, Steve Wastson, Wendy Cheshire and Mark Thomson

AR Q 720.47 (E)]


Climate and Architecture by Torben Dahl

Western Bank Library   AR Q 720.47 (C) 

Elements of Sustainable Architecture by Rosa urbano Gutierrez and Laura de la plaza Hidalgo [Not in the Library] ebook ~£30

Strategies for sustainable architecture by Paola Sassi

Western Bank Library   AR 720.47 (S) (Available Online)


Taking Shape - A New Contract between Architecture and Nature by Susannah Hagan

(Available Online)

Sustainable Construction by Sandy Halliday

(Available Online)

Architecture and Resilience on Human Scale - Cross-disciplinary conference, Sheffield, 10-12 September 2015 - Proceedings [Western Bank Library   AR Q 720.47 (A)]

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